"I just want to get rid of my flabby tummy, my wobbly thighs and my extra chin! HELP!"

Trust me, I know how depressing it feels to feel flabby and sluggish. I know what that extra back fat roll feels like and I have not-so-fond memories of my thighs rubbing holes in my pants.

After losing 120lbs and becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I knew I needed to create an easy to follow, 100% healthy and incredibly effective weight loss plan that you could follow at home. My Juice This, Eat That Book is the fastest way to lose weight via clean foods and family friendly juices.

Misty Mozejko, RHN

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So, how exactly are we going to shed those extra pounds?

Juice This, Eat That is a dual-approach food and juicing fat burning plan that
provides your digestive system with a full body cleanse.
*** PLEASE NOTE THIS PROGRAM REQUIRES A JUICER (I have some suggestions inside)***

Testimonials From Happy Juicers.

"In just 19 days I lost 7Lbs, 2% loss in body fat and my stomach is as flat as it was in High School" Gina B

"Misty - I loved the detox!! I never, ever felt hungry. I never had the desire to reach for my "go to" snack food - the junk! The crackers, chips and chocolate!  Never!!  What an eye opener that is for me. Eating properly can curb my cravings. I thought I was a healthy eater but now I have the tools to choose foods that prevent cravings. Actually, when the 19 days were over, I craved juice and want that instead of my morning coffee. I will definitely continue to juice." Leslie W

"Never felt better. So much energy during the day and I'm sleeping better at night. I changed some bad eating habits and dropped a jean size. I haven't craved sugar once and have now embraced juicing as part of our daily routine. "  Emma I

A Book For All Skill Levels

I know that some people have never juiced before, but as one of the fastest ways to lose weight, heal the body and create that flat stomach you deserve, juicing will be your new best friend.

I have laid out all the recipes for you, I have recommended some great, affordable juicers and I have created done for you grocery lists so you know exactly what to buy and when.

Juicing is so easy once you know HOW to make delicious juices. I will tell you everything I know so you will always be able to make fresh juices the whole family will enjoy.

A Book Based On Facts

I have been creating cleanses and detoxes for many years. I have hundreds of clients who can testify to the power of these programs. The facts are, your insides LOVE a spa day once in a while.

Now I know there are some very dangerous detoxification programs out there, but because we have a dual-cleanse approach by using both food and juice to spring clean the body, you are going to love this healthy and effective fat burning and body cleansing plan.

A Word From The Author

“I have never seen such dramatic results than the ones we get from this program. I am so excited for you to experience instant results using my 100% clean and healthy weight loss approach. This book combines delcious healthy foods, yummy juices and of course a plan that will work for any busy lifestyle.”

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