Start eating these foods now, and you could be Slim By Sunday.

Join our revolution of super clean, super sensible and super easy flat belly weight loss plans.

Slim by Sunday is a 7 day, nutritionist developed, meal plan that is designed to help you lose the most amount weight possible without ruining your metabolism or depriving your body of food.

No more starvation diets!! It's time to lose weight the smart way and keep it off forever.

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7 Days Of Clean Eating And A Big Dose Of Super Fuel For Your Body

Slim By Sunday is not only the quickest way to kick start your weight loss but it will help elimiate those annoying plateaus and reignite your motivation.

This meal plan was so easy I actually followed it for 4 weeks. I lost 17 pounds following this program and I plan to keep going!

Sandra L - current member

A book for all levels.

Whether you are just starting out, need some new ideas or have to bust through a stubborn plateau, this book delivers results on all levels.

A book for busy people.

Time is short, the kids are busy and you can't chew through an entire head of celery during a 3 hour marketing meeting.


You need to be able to throw together healthy meals and quick grab and go options that don't require a weeks worth of planning. Slim By Sunday was designed to get the busiest of people, the best results.